Our range of capsules

Gemmothérapie BIO CAILLEAU Herboristerie

Plant-based capsules

10 colour themes for enhanced visibility.

In accordance with our commitment to the environment, our new jars are made of recyclable kraft paper with biodegradable lids.

With a wide range of more than 24 products, try our capsules for a simple way to enjoy the benefits of our plants.

They are easy to transport so you can keep them on hand all day long, at home, at the office, at the restaurant, while travelling, and so on. Our capsules, packaged in quantities of 50, 100 or 200, are always available or accessible, and their small size makes them easy to swallow.

- Powders made in our workshops in Chemillé-en-Anjou

- Capsules made in our workshops in Chemillé-en-Anjou

- Plant-based capsules with no titanium dioxide

- Capsules available in jars of 50, 100 or 200, under the Cailleau Herboristerie brand name, compliant with the regulation on dietary supplements which can be sold in FRANCE.

Have a logo?

We can personalize the jars for your own range. Please don’t hesitate to ask us.