Our machinery

We offer our clients the choice between whole and processed products. To do this, we have various facilities and a series of machines which satisfy everyone’s standards and expectations. In order to better meet our clients’ needs, we continuously develop new processing and packaging methods. This allows us to provide a variety of services: cutting to order, sifting, blending, sizing, sorting, crushing and more… We also often bespoke services like personalized packaging and labels.

Working the plants

To meet our clients’ needs and expectations we work the plants in-house, using the following methods:

  • Cutter
  • Zig zag air separator
  • Grinder
  • Grinder
  • Mixer
  • Bag filler
  • Encapsulator


Thanks to a system of blades or hammers combined with grilles of different sizes, we can produce different formats of plants: cut into tiny pieces or larger ones suitable for teas.


The screens are installed after the cutters to remove any dust and guarantee sizing that is consistent and in line with the requirements.

Zig zag air separator

This machine uses an air pressure gradient to sort the plants from foreign bodies and any undesirable parts based on density.


The plants are sent into a grinder to produce powders at around 350 to 400 microns. Cailleau Herboristerie has purchased a new stainless steel grinder to expand our range of powders in terms of both quality and quantity.


This machine allows us to offer multiple formulas of blends, both predefined and custom mixes.

Bag filler

Packaging of tea, infusions, herbal tea and spices in flat or pyramid-shaped bags. Ecocert has confirmed the compliance of our packaging methods for organically farmed products. Our tea bags are Soilon bags: natural woven mesh filters made from corn starch. They are biodegradable when buried in the ground. They earned the GreenPla label in Japan, for their recyclability and their eco-friendliness.


Fills plant-based capsules with our 100% pure and natural plant powders made using our special stainless steel grinder.


Our plants are packed to order, in kraft paper bags according to the requested quantity.


We entrust the debacterization of all our plants to PHB a company which specializes in this domain. Different methods are used, like freezing (a natural pest control method) as well as many other innovative industrial processes.