CAILLEAU Herboristerie, a family company.

A family company specializing in medicinal, aromatic and tinctorial plants.

We are proud to present you a video introducing our values and skills. Founded in 1868, Cailleau Herboristerie has kept its expertise while modernising its production tools. Today we are more than 36 people at the service of the plant, of our customers and our producers.
CAILLEAU Herboristerie is above all a team of committed men and women:
- The purchasing department with Carine and Manuela
- The Quality department with Sylvain, Alexandre and Frédéric
- The production, transformation, manufacturing, finished products and shipping workshop with Xavier, Pascal, Anthony, Eric, Christine, Fabienne, Laura, Lucie, Pascale, Stéphanie, André, Arnaud, Frédéric, Jérôme, Pascal, Philippe, Pierre-Emmanuel and Wilfried
- The marketing department for the personalisation of packaging: Jimmy and Maude
- The telephone reception with Delphine and Patricia
- The Industrial Sales Department: Jordan, Amélie, Philomène
- The retail sales department : Franck and Amandine
- Export department: Nicolas and Camille
- The accounting department with Claude and Kelly

Cailleau Herboristerie offers you plants in different forms while meeting your business requirements and guaranteeing traceability from the field to the finished product.

The Management
Jordan BRARD and Nicolas BAUDRY

Production facilities and CAILLEAU Herboristerie plant transformations

The ISO 22000 standard guarantees the integrity of the supply chain

Come discover our cleaning and transformation implements of our raw materials.

You will be able to see all the work done on our medicinal, aromatic and dyeing herbs.

Moreover, we have implemented all the procedures of the ISO 22000 standards.

It is for you an additional guarantee on the security of food products, the Good Hygienic Practices (GHP or PRP), traceability, batch recall and of course HACCP.

COSMOS NATURAL certification

Certification COSMOS NATURAL CAILLEAU Herboristerie

COSMOS NATURAL certification

New certification earned: COSMOS NATURAL


In line with our values, our convictions and our respect for our fellow human beings, biodiversity and the environment, Cailleau Herboristerie has made a commitment with this certification under COSMOS standards.


This is materialized by the application of various values:

• Complete traceability of ingredients and finished goods

• Production and processing procedures which are respectful of the environment and human health

• Responsible use of natural resources

• Respect for biodiversity

• Exclusion of all petrochemical ingredients

• No GMOs

• Recyclable packaging.

Go behind the scenes at Cailleau Herboristerie in video

From production to finished goods, discover Cailleau Herboristerie, the work we do on our plants and their packaging. It is very important to us to always offer you natural, environmentally friendly products. Check out our full range of products.

The expertise of Cailleau Herboristerie since 1868

We are located as close as possible to our growers in order to guarantee the traceability and quality of our plants.

We support our growers and provide them with seedlings and seeds for sowing. In addition, we share our expertise and advice throughout the growing season, all the way through to drying.

They are more like partners with whom we engage in real dialogue than mere suppliers. To ensure their loyalty, we promise them fair remuneration for their goods.

Our gemmotherapy range

Gemmothérapie BIO CAILLEAU Herboristerie



Discover the 20 products (simple and complex) in our gemmotherapy range, all of which are certified organic.

We offer concentrated mother macerates following the method developed by Dr P. Henry. It is the only method that performs maceration in three solvents: water, alcohol and glycerin.  This technique extracts all of the active ingredients in the buds, which already contain the full developmental potential of the future plants. Our products are made from fresh plants that were organically farmed and that are not diluted.

What is a bud?

- Embryonic tissue: the meristem which generates all of the adult organs from a single cell (the totipotent stem cell)

- Great multiplying power

- The precursor of all the plant’s substances

- No toxic secondary metabolites

- High sap content

- No bud disease (bee glue from the buds)


Concentrated mother macerates that contain 10 times less alcohol than glycerin macerates. The product is easier to take (5 to 10 drops per day instead of 50 to 150 for glycerin macerates). A concentrated macerate contains all the power of the bud, which is rich in nucleic acids, amino acids, vitamins, micronutrients, etc. In other words, it possesses the properties of both the fruit and the plant.

Our range of macerates

Gamme des macérats sans alcool

Dietary supplements – Macerates

What is a macerate?

A macerate comes from leaving natural elements like fruit, roots, plants and flowers in a medium in order to extract its active ingredients.

More precisely, those extracts are obtained through maceration in water, which isolates water-soluble ingredients like tannins, mineral salts, most flavonoids and certain vitamins.

What does this macerate correspond to?

These macerates are an exact reflection of the plant’s active ingredients, without any alterations whatsoever!

There is no preliminary freezing, which would modify the intermolecular structure of the water inside the plant, meaning there is no alteration of the flavonoids or vitamins.

There is no fine, ultra-fast grinding which could break down the cell walls of the tissues forming the plant.

Who is meant to use our macerates?

Because they’re alcohol-free, anyone can tolerate them! In fact, the absence of toxicity in these dietary supplements at the usual doses allows the extracts to be recommended for use by one and all.

These extracts are made from plants of the highest quality and represent particularly effective phytotherapy products.

We can personalize the bottles for your own range. Please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Made and packaged in France

Our range of capsules

Gemmothérapie BIO CAILLEAU Herboristerie

Plant-based capsules

10 colour themes for enhanced visibility.

In accordance with our commitment to the environment, our new jars are made of recyclable kraft paper with biodegradable lids.

With a wide range of more than 24 products, try our capsules for a simple way to enjoy the benefits of our plants.

They are easy to transport so you can keep them on hand all day long, at home, at the office, at the restaurant, while travelling, and so on. Our capsules, packaged in quantities of 50, 100 or 200, are always available or accessible, and their small size makes them easy to swallow.

- Powders made in our workshops in Chemillé-en-Anjou

- Capsules made in our workshops in Chemillé-en-Anjou

- Plant-based capsules with no titanium dioxide

- Capsules available in jars of 50, 100 or 200, under the Cailleau Herboristerie brand name, compliant with the regulation on dietary supplements which can be sold in FRANCE.

Have a logo?

We can personalize the jars for your own range. Please don’t hesitate to ask us.


The Pays de la Loire Region supports Cailleau Herboristerie

Their plants are infusing Algiers

Regional President Christelle Morançais visited the Chemillé company on Friday. (Photo 00 – Fabien LEDUC)

Fabien LEDUC

The promise had been made in Algiers last November. Promise fulfilled this past Friday. Christelle Morançais, President of the Pays de la Loire Region, had come to Cholet that morning to meet with 90 employers from the MEDEF Employers Union. In the afternoon, she took a detour to Chemillé to visit Cailleau Herboristerie, taken in 2013 over by Mr and Mrs Brard and their son Jordan.

“In Algiers, we signed an agreement to create an Algerian/French joint venture”, explains manager Jeannine Brard, who chiefly sells bulk organic and conventional plants, as well as dietary supplements, essential oils and personalizable tea bags.

The idea with her new Algerian partner BIOPAM was to sell products from Chemillé on site and, conversely, for BIOPAM to distribute its essential oils in France.

“BIOPAM has a complete value chain, with its own on-site distribution network, and plans to open herbalist’s shops”, enthuses the Chemillé business owner. She also sees Algeria as a gateway to Morocco, another promising market in a sector inundated with Chinese products of more questionable quality, according to Jeannine Brard.

“Only 4.5% of companies choose to export”

CHRISTELLE MORANCAIS, President of the Pays de la Loire Region

Signature of this contract was only made possible thanks to the “exploratory work” conducted by the Pays de la Loire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Region and Business France, the national agency dedicated to internationalization. That trio only recently formed a sort of “Team France Export” for Pays de la Loire, encouraged by the government to bolster exports. “Only 4.5% of companies in Pays de la Loire choose to export”, laments Christelle Morançais, who is also a native of the region. She has identified three areas to explore initially: “North Africa, Asia and North America”. Based on needs identified by “special envoys”, some 20 regional companies have been invited to either Morocco or Algeria to activate new growth levers. This included a designer of software for hospitals and a manufacturer of stainless steel hooks for abattoirs… “The idea is to have a dedicated point of contact, whether you are a large group or an SME”, emphasizes the Regional President, who also wants to “tear down borders” and, with this institutional approach, customs barriers.



Exports soar by 40%

After their first trip in November 2017, the Brards confirmed an initial, encouraging order of a million bags of tea and hope in the future to be able to sell their dietary supplements overseas. “We couldn’t have done it on our own. This kind of delegation is reassuring. It makes you feel like you could actually do it”, acknowledges Nicolas Baudry, Export Manager, whose area of responsibility had only grown through “opportunism” up until now. Since establishing this partnership, an additional person has been hired to support him, and the company’s export turnover has risen by 40%. It now accounts for 15% of total turnover (€4.2 million, up 16%), compared with 11% two years ago.

It was within this context that we received Regional President Christelle Morançais this past Friday, 11 January 2019. It was a moment for sharing and discussing the work we love over a tea tasting on this occasion.

Chemillé, Zone Actiparc Pôle Ouest, Friday. Regional President Christelle Morançais, surrounded here by Jeannine (red scarf) and Jordan Brard, took the time to visit the company and enjoy a cup of tea.

It was within this context that we received Regional President Christelle Morançais this past Friday, 11 January 2019. It was a moment for sharing and discussing the work we love over a tea tasting on this occasion.


Is an herbalism degree coming back to France?

Harvesting Roman chamomile, ca. 1908 – Chemillé (M & L)

To restore the legal status of the profession of herbalist, members of French Parliament have come together under the impetus of Senator Joël Labbé. As the rapporteur for the senatorial mission on the development of trade in herbs and medicinal plants, industries and professions of the future, Joël Labbé is delighted at this initial victory in moving legislation forward. Within this context, France 3 television station came to do a report at Cailleau Herboristerie.


Cailleau Herboristerie celebrates 150 years!

The managers of Cailleau Herboristerie, Mr and Mrs Brard, insisted on celebrating the company’s 150th anniversary with the whole staff. To do that, they organized a trip to Terra Botanica in Angers, a day’s outing that was perfectly in line with their medicinal plant business. It offered an original way to both think about the company’s longevity and strengthen the bonds between its people. Managing Director Jeannine Brard sums it up: “It was a moment of joy and sharing that united the whole team”.

The staff of Cailleau Herboristerie during their visit to Terra Botanica

(Photo credit: Ouest France)

The entire staff of Cailleau Herboristerie met up at Terra Botanica to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary. Plants in the middle of nature. Could we have chosen a better spot? The day was superb. Even the sun came out to play! The whole team will treasure magnificent images of this wonderful time of sharing and friendship.