Our buildings

In order to better reflect Cailleau Herboristerie’s dynamic image and improve our entire staff’s comfort, we had new buildings erected in 2016.

Cailleau Herboristerie - Entreprise familiale

Everything was thought out and designed from a perspective of the company’s ecological, economic and social sustainability. The project was created with the help of local actors like the Godard masonry firm, the Leblanc framing company and so on.

The new buildings are wonderful industrial facility, thanks to better suited, higher performance storage and processing areas.

Now, the three earlier sites are all grouped together in the same area, which is also much more accessible for shipping and procurement. The buildings are also home to the companies PHB and Cailleau Pharmaceutique, allowing Cailleau Herboristerie to expand its services under the best possible conditions.

Not to mention the creation of a landscaped area featuring different varieties of medicinal plants, the emblem of the town of Chemillé-en-Anjou, the medicinal plant capital.

The company’s momentum is still going strong, with many other projects in the works, like the expansion and upgrading of certain structure, and more.

Key figures:

Total floor space: 5,000 m2 Storage capacity: 500 tonnes

Total area of the property: 10,000 m2
Number of employees: 40