Our activities


The selection of our suppliers and plants is the mainstay of our product quality. For that reason, we seek to go to where our suppliers are and develop lasting relationships with them, because we believe that mutual professional esteem is an asset in any business relationship. We select our plants based on samples which we assess for their colour, fragrance, texture and purity. We also produce a plant analysis report for each one, containing all the information and test results that we send to the suppliers.


This is a crucial step at our company, because it is only once we have received the plants on site that we can verify their identity and check to ensure that their quality meets our standards. This involves a macroscopic visual inspection, where we verify multiple characteristics of the received plant, such as the presence of any foreign bodies, the general condition of the plant and its scent, but also the labelling and certification of organic plants. These checks are recorded on a “receiving control” tracking sheet.


To meet our clients’ needs and expectations we work the plants in-house. We cut, sift, dust and sort our plants. We also guarantee the traceability of your finished goods when they are bagged for sale, encapsulated in bulk and/or in jars, or placed into flat or pyramid-shaped tea bags available in bulk or in boxes. We can also personalize the labelling on your finished goods to reflect your brand.


Once the plants are received and inspected, they are stored on racks in our depot until they are ready to be worked.