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Gamme des macérats sans alcool

Dietary supplements – Macerates

What is a macerate?

A macerate comes from leaving natural elements like fruit, roots, plants and flowers in a medium in order to extract its active ingredients.

More precisely, those extracts are obtained through maceration in water, which isolates water-soluble ingredients like tannins, mineral salts, most flavonoids and certain vitamins.

What does this macerate correspond to?

These macerates are an exact reflection of the plant’s active ingredients, without any alterations whatsoever!

There is no preliminary freezing, which would modify the intermolecular structure of the water inside the plant, meaning there is no alteration of the flavonoids or vitamins.

There is no fine, ultra-fast grinding which could break down the cell walls of the tissues forming the plant.

Who is meant to use our macerates?

Because they’re alcohol-free, anyone can tolerate them! In fact, the absence of toxicity in these dietary supplements at the usual doses allows the extracts to be recommended for use by one and all.

These extracts are made from plants of the highest quality and represent particularly effective phytotherapy products.

We can personalize the bottles for your own range. Please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Made and packaged in France