Our gemmotherapy range

Gemmothérapie BIO CAILLEAU Herboristerie



Discover the 20 products (simple and complex) in our gemmotherapy range, all of which are certified organic.

We offer concentrated mother macerates following the method developed by Dr P. Henry. It is the only method that performs maceration in three solvents: water, alcohol and glycerin.  This technique extracts all of the active ingredients in the buds, which already contain the full developmental potential of the future plants. Our products are made from fresh plants that were organically farmed and that are not diluted.

What is a bud?

- Embryonic tissue: the meristem which generates all of the adult organs from a single cell (the totipotent stem cell)

- Great multiplying power

- The precursor of all the plant’s substances

- No toxic secondary metabolites

- High sap content

- No bud disease (bee glue from the buds)


Concentrated mother macerates that contain 10 times less alcohol than glycerin macerates. The product is easier to take (5 to 10 drops per day instead of 50 to 150 for glycerin macerates). A concentrated macerate contains all the power of the bud, which is rich in nucleic acids, amino acids, vitamins, micronutrients, etc. In other words, it possesses the properties of both the fruit and the plant.