With a lovely fragrant profile


Very rich in Anethol

The world’s biggest Chamomile flowers

Longest sticks, of Ceylon

Grown in the sunny slopes of Provence

To meet your needs and requirements, we produce and process many plants, as a whole, in dry form, cleaned, cut and sifted.

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800 plants, among which 160 certified as organic.

CAILLEAU HERBS stands as an ecological bulk company.

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Founded in 1868, 150 years to the quality of nature

Natural coloring & flavoring

Interpret Vintage Styles with unique twists or

Develop Unprecedented Spirits, Liqueurs, Beers, IPAs, Gruits, Hydrosols, Floral waters, Essential oils, Pot-pourris, …


Quality through Nature

We are convinced that products made by nature – herbs, roots, flowers, botanicals and plants – will always overcome products from industrial chemistry. As each plant not only delivers one type of molecules but a whole set of them that influence one another and enhance them. This richness imparts tastes and aromas that are sensed more complex with flavors that last longer in mouth, the feeling of taste being associated with aroma. In other words, natural products bring higher quality than formulated additives.

Expertise through time

CAILLEAU HERBS was founded in 1868, in Western France by the farmer Maturin Cailleau. This long time has given us great deal of experience and expertise in selecting, processing (dust-removing, cutting, mesh-sizing, milling, ..) and packing on demand. In 150 years of time, we still remain a family-run business at a manageable scale (32 people). Our ongoing efforts to quality have been recognized by HACCP, the FDA and ECOCERT (organic certifying organism).

Our location, in Chemillé, near Paris, is in the UNESCO protected area of Loire Valley.

150 Years of Expertise

Founded in 1868 by Maturin Cailleau, in Chemillé, the great city of medicinal plants, west of Paris CAILLEAU HERBORISTERIE (or CAILLEAU HERBS) started growing, harvesting, processing and selling three quality medicinal botanicals :

- Roman Chamomile

- Peppermint

- Lemon Balm

In 150 years, CAILLEAU HERBS has acquired thorough knowledge and expertise in the selection, the process and the bulk packaging regarding natural herbs, flowers, spices and botanicals.    

We believe in Nature, not in chemistry!

Our ongoing efforts toward exceeding customers’ needs are reflected in the herb purity and freshness : herbalists, craft brewers, distillers, tea resellers, condiments makers, restaurant chefs, dietary supplements formulators, traditional pharmacists & practitioners, cosmetic manufacturer and other industries.

150 years of know-how have led us to building reliable relationships with growers, farmers, wildcrafters and harvesters. We remain committed to propose the finest herbs to our customers.

Not all plants grow in the region!

Step by step, we have expanded our bonds to farmers beyond the Loire Valley to reach more natural plants, herbs, spices and botanicals.

We are still a family-run business of 32 people located in Chemillé within the heart of Loire Valley, an UNESCO protected area near Paris.

Buds, stems, flowers, petals, peels, barks, roots, and other parts, our portfolio of plants contains more than 700 plants : Cardamom, Speedwell, Bitter Orange, Hawthorn, Bourbon Vanilla, Senna, Sage and so many more!

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Quality is CAILLEAU‘s backbone

This commitment deals first and foremost with our farmers, growers and wildcrafters, which whom we have tied bond.


When receiving a lot, we systematically carry out a macroscopic assessement. We refer to the Pharmacopée Européenne referentials for plants’ genuineness and certification.


We perform toxicological test respecting Contol procedure. For further in-depth analyses, we rely on several independent laboratories such as LLPAM, BOTANICERT, MICROSEPT, LACAPA, GIRPA, PHYTOCONTROL, ITEPMAI, EUROFINS.


We care to save olfactory, gustatory and visual properties of our plants. This is the reason why we process plants as lately as it reasonably be.


CAILLEAU HERBS follows the HACCP Program (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) in order to address all reasonably occurring physical, chemical and biological hazards for each of our raw materials.

Our heat-treatment chamber can eventually be used to reduce down to zero microbial load that might be contained in some raw materials.

Our facility has been inspected and certified by the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration)

Our facility has also been inspected and certified by ECOCERT (one of the world’s largest organic certifying organizations).

Our internal policies regarding, to name a few :

– Non-GMO Products – 100% Natural, ECOCERT Compliant – FDA Compliant – HACCP Compliant – Full Product Traceability – Raw Material Entry Validation

Great Herbs for Great Spirits and Beers!

Because herb quality and freshness contribute to producing tasty spirits (Absinthe, Gin, Anisette, Liqueurs, to name a few kind) and craft beers, many distillers and brewers rely on CAILLEAU HERBS since the 19th century.

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CAILLEAU’s brand new facility, built in 2016 in North Chemillé