CAILLEAU Herboristerie, a family company.

A family company specializing in medicinal, aromatic and tinctorial plants.

We are proud to present you a video introducing our values and skills. Founded in 1868, Cailleau Herboristerie has kept its expertise while modernising its production tools. Today we are more than 36 people at the service of the plant, of our customers and our producers.
CAILLEAU Herboristerie is above all a team of committed men and women:
- The purchasing department with Carine and Manuela
- The Quality department with Sylvain, Alexandre and Frédéric
- The production, transformation, manufacturing, finished products and shipping workshop with Xavier, Pascal, Anthony, Eric, Christine, Fabienne, Laura, Lucie, Pascale, Stéphanie, André, Arnaud, Frédéric, Jérôme, Pascal, Philippe, Pierre-Emmanuel and Wilfried
- The marketing department for the personalisation of packaging: Jimmy and Maude
- The telephone reception with Delphine and Patricia
- The Industrial Sales Department: Jordan, Amélie, Philomène
- The retail sales department : Franck and Amandine
- Export department: Nicolas and Camille
- The accounting department with Claude and Kelly

Cailleau Herboristerie offers you plants in different forms while meeting your business requirements and guaranteeing traceability from the field to the finished product.

The Management
Jordan BRARD and Nicolas BAUDRY